Fog Cannon


Contact us for a rapid response call-out should you have suffered a break in at your premises. We have portable Fog Cannons that we can deploy to safeguard your premises while you are still vunerable.





Fog Cannon Protection

Press play to view real life use of a fog cannon protecting premises.

Our Fog fluid has the market's longest dissipation time - up to 1 hour. It iscompletely white and dry and looks just like smoke. It is also completely safe and transforms into a dry dense white fog to protect your premises.

Fog Cannon Images Secured by Design Product

Fog fluid for our Fog Cannon is made from water and glycol and our XTRA+ fluid has been approved by Eurofins and found to be completely harmless by the Danish Technological Instituts among others. It is not harmful to humans, animals, electronics or fixtures including soft furnishings, food and precious metals.

With a current range of 4 models we can provide you with the ultimate in protection for your home, shop or factory.

In conjuction with the West Midlands Police Authority we also provide a Rapid Response service that can install a temporary unit to protect your premises in the event of you sustaining a break-in or burglary at your premises. Please contact us for further details on 01902 342627 or use our contact form.