Access Control 

Theam Security can meet your access control requirements from simple push button control to the more sophisticated systems available today.

Systems can include automatic door or gate operating equipment that can be operated from a wireless fob or proximity device.

Many of our systems can be interfaced with intruder and fire alarm systems to maximum effect.

The New Codemaster lock has been enhanced with a new anti picking system, reinforced backplate, a metal latchbolt and improved fixing posts.
ERA Codemaster is a fully mechanical push button lock, suitable for regulating access in a variety of commercial, industrial and domestic applications. No keys or wiring required.
The lock is unlocked from the outside only through correct input of the user code and from the inside using an easy turn handle. Codemaster locks automatically on the spring latch bolt when the door is closed.

Theam Security’s Digital Door Lock is designed for easy access control, suitable for a range of applications. The lock can be unlocked from the outside through correct input of the user code. The code can be easily changed. Keyed options are available.
The Digital Door Lock automatically locks on the spring latch bolt. For added security, it has a vandal proof outer knob. On the inside the integral handle allows simple opening. The Digital Door Lock has a keyless operation – no keys to lose. The lock has over 5,500 code combinations, and can easily be set for right hand or left hand fitting.

Many electronic keeps commonly used with access control units do not provide a high level of security. However, the new electronic multi-point lock offered by Theam Security complies to the relevant security standards PAS23/24 and is Secured by Design for use in composite doors, so high security is guaranteed.

The lock is available for front doors or main entry/exit doors. As no lever is required on the outside of the door this means that when the door is closed dead bolts automatically fire into the door frame keeps, leaving the door in a locked position. This removes the need to lift handles and turn keys.

The door can be opened by simple use of the lever handle on the inside of the door or by the innovative ERA Locca system, for security at the touch of a button. Additionally, a conventional key can be used to dead lock the door for added security and total peace of mind.