About our door security service:

Approved certified bodies have tested this range of High Security Doors up to level 4 security using a variety of tools, simulating attacks. Certificates are held for both anti-burglary and bullet proof grades of door.
With a 10 year manufacturers warranty these steel security doors offer lasting peace of mind.

Door closing devices can be fitted to any steel security door or Fire Door and are 2 hour fire tested, BS EN 1154 and BS EN 1634. Door closing devices are vitally important in the control of fire and smoke and consequently save lives.
Fire-resisting doors (other than those to locked cupboards and service ducts) are usually required to be self-closing in accordance with building regulations.

We supply all types of steel security doors as either a replacement or for new build properties. The security doors can be fitted with a range of high security multi-point locking systems and stainless steel hinges. Not only do we supply standard steel personnel doors but we can also provide a tailor made steel door for openings of a non-standard size such as fire exit doors and panic bar doors. A more heavy duty door can be fitted to suit particular applications of heavy usage and vandalism and all of our doors can be fitted with electronic locking systems for access control. 

Theam supply a range of ballistic doors which enhance any security measures already taken. Almost any door can be manufactured to combine standard or luxury features with the safety of an internal armoured structure, even the door itself can be manufactured from composite materials that can be painted to assimilate a normal door.

The lightweight composite materials used in construction of the ballistic door means that there is no need for heavy duty hinges and the door can be supplied with slots to accommodate locks, bars and handles to suit your requirements.

The anti-bullet properties of the door also provide protection against sharp impements such as pick axes and further protection can be obtained against diamond grinding wheels with the use of panels manufactured from different composition and weight.


There are a variety of finishes available which include:

Painted finish

Wood Veneer Finish

Solid Panelled

All armoured doors are stringently tested to specific standards to resist bullets and shotgun pellets. For further information please see the following pdf document: ballistic composite materials